SP2 Signal Park System Advancement from Original SP System

As the inventors of Parking Guidance Systems, Signal Park never stops developing both their software and their hardware.  We are typically about 3-5 years ahead of the competition. 



  • SP2 has all data and power within the Canalis Busbar Trunking System. Canalis is like conduit, with the data and power lines already run through it, but also has three outlets per parking space which enables detectors, signs etc. to be plugged in to the outlets. The outlets are very unique so a common household item cannot be plugged into it.
  • All data is now run in parallel so if one detector is damaged, it does not affect the other detectors or signs. The older SP systems were all run in series.
  • Sign Drivers are no longer needed and any sign can be plugged into any available outlet along the Canalis if a sign needs to be added.
  • Detectors no longer have “lenses” and can be seen from 360 degrees.
  • Detectors can be mounted in the drive aisle and the LED color selected so only one type of detector needs to be stocked.
  • Detectors have a lower profile than the older SP detectors
  • Systems self-monitor and not only warn of detector problems, but also monitor, power, temperature etc. S
  • Signs are self-dimming/brightening and also monitor their power usage, temperature, their luminosity, etc.
  • High intensity LED’s make detectors and signs more visible from further away.
  • SP2 systems are backward compatible and make older system upgrades possible in zones/sections.
  • Logic of detector LED’s can be changed.
  • Signs are sleeker and use less power and are pole mounted from the ceiling so turning them or adjusting the height or angle is very easy after installation.

  • sonipark-tracker-sign
  • sonipark-garage-tracker-sign
  • hilton-head-parking-garage
  • parking-garage-sign-intigration
  • sonipark-garage-sign
  • hospital
  • interior-garage-sign
  • light-tracking-system