The Signal-Park navigating system is designed for very busy car parks, regardless of size, though at least 20 spaces are required. It is especially advantageous for multi-story car parks where motorists often find themselves driving round in vain to find an empty space. The system ensures they will find one by guiding them directly to it in real time, by floor, zone and lane. The system works with any kind of four-wheeled or two-wheeled vehicles.


Detectors developed specifically for detecting vehicles and fitted with high intensity, color changeable/dimmable LEDs are installed over or in the aisle of every parking space. The detector ultrasonically checks every second for the presence of a vehicle and transmits its status to the control computer. The computer processes the data and updates the digital display information given to motorists in real time.
As soon as the customer is faced with a choice of direction (level, zone, lane), a dynamic numerical sign with a dynamic "walking arrow" direct the motorist to the closest available parking space.


Far and away the most frequently asked question is “How much does it cost per space?”  The answer is “it depends”.  There are many factors that dictate the cost of a system, some of which are: Garage Layout, Number of Aisles, Number of Signs Required, Number of Entrances, Number of Ramps, The Ceiling of the Garage…is it simple or complex with many obstructions?, Customer requirements for labor, bonding requirements if any, Available Power, Available parking and storage on site during installation, How quickly the customer needs the system installed.

The average cost installed, turn key is usually between $300 and $400 per space.  This number can vary, if the garage needs a lot of signage.


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