Individual parking spots can be constantly (and cheaply) monitored, it becomes possible to market guaranteed and pre-allocated places to the consuming public in real time: for cash or as an incentive.

The remarkably wide ranges of operator and consumer benefits are listed below. Together they ensure a self-liquidating investment, with actual payback usually at the end of the first operational year.




Car Park Operator

  • Opportunity to increase hourly rates
  • Increased number of parking spaces
  • Greater profit
  • Gain in customer loyalty
  • Occupancy rates optimized
  • Lower surveillance costs
  • Significant drop in pollution
  • Straightforward easy management and control
  • Detection and reporting of illegally parked cars
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Less power consumption
  • Meters no longer require updating
  • Faster vehicle shifting
  • Instant daily, weekly, quarterly and annual statistics
  • Ongoing inspection of installation operation



  • Assistance upon arrival in the car park
  • Clear accurate directions
  • Digital displays visible from over 100 meters away
  • Less fuel consumption
  • Less wear on the vehicle (tires, clutch, brakes)
  • Smoother traffic flow
  • Greater safety
  • Significant time saving
  • Less stress
  • Guaranteed ease and convenience
  • Peace of mind for anxious drivers


SoniPark provides this experience by providing Signal Park, parking guidance systems from Schick Electronics in Switzerland.  Schick Electronics is the inventor of parking guidance technology and easily has the world’s largest install base with over 600,000 spaces monitored worldwide….and growing.  SoniPark has been the North American Representative since 2005.